KL Anti-FunLove 3.1.3


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Date Added:08 February, 2013

Author: Kaspersky Labs

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Pay attention that this utility does not work in the background mode i.e. it will not protect you from repeated infection though it scans the memory and can scan hard drives on demand or in case the memory is infected.

KL Anti-FunLove is a lightweight utility that will assist you in cleaning the FunLove virus infection.

To disinfect the computer from the worm Win32.FunLove, do the following:

1. Disconnect an infected computer from the net;
2. Run the utility KL Anti-FunLove;
3. The utility window is displayed on the screen with two buttons OCtCancelOCL and OCtDeleteOCL (if any version of the same utility is already installed on your computer) or OCtInstallOCL;
4. In case the OCtDeinstallOCL message is displayed pres this button and the utility deinstalls the previous version and restart your PC. When the computer is rebooted run the utility once again. In this case the OCtInstallOCL button will be displayed in the utility window;
5. In case the utility window displays OCtInstallOCL the utility will install on the computer the necessary files, register them and reboot your computer;
6. When rebooting the utility will scan the memory, hard drives (the scanning process and its results will be displayed on the screen);
7. After your computer has been disinfected successfully it is recommended to reboot the computer.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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